Schedule filter for list

I want to generate rebar schedules for every structure beam in the project with filtering by host mark.

My script works for one beam but doesn’t for many beams.

For every beam B1, B2, etc should create single filter B1, B2 but now it creates few filters B1, B2…


I know that the problem is that node “ScheduleView.AddFilters” has an input for many filters.

How should I deal with it?

Hi @Konrad_X-PLAN

in “scheduleView.AddFilters” change Lacing to shortest.

if it doesn’t help, Can you share your Revit File and the Dynamo Graph?
I believe it would be easy for me to pick it up from there.

Thank you very much @Mo_Ody ! It works.

I thought that auto is “shortest” but in this case it was “cross”.

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