Schedule Filled Region Areas in REVIT with Dynamo

Hi Faylin.

Could you post your .dyn as well?

Because I’m a new user to this forum it won’t let me sorry.
Can I share it with you some other way??

Yes, usually by taking several screenshots and highlight key info, error message for example.

Here’s an replica of what is illustrated in the video. It works fine.



So on my site plan there are 3 different filled region creating different area information (grey/green/blue) (building coverage/landscaping/paved)

unsure if I’m missing an inputting stage into dynamo from Revit

I have something similar, see if it will help
you wire your filtering wrongly if im not mistaken

try wiring this way

Thanks, still getting the same error message

whats the error?

Then you need to create the Reported Parameter under the Detail Items categories.

Try using Element.Parameters wired to All Elements of Category to see if its loaded.

would you be able to sketch over what wires to delete & add?
Sorry just getting a little confused, as do I have the correct boxes, has it worked for you?

should be like this

To make the parameter appears in schedule you need add it as a shared parameter and like how @Revit_Noob suggested, then add the parameter to the Detail Item Category. The error message is telling you there’s no parameter named “Reported Area” on Detail Item currently.

Thanks all, will give this a go

Thanks everyone! I have manage to final get back to having a look at this & have got it working.

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So this worked good with me, however it wanted to ungroup all my detail item groups. So I was wondering how to set a filter for this so it can select specific filled region by Type comments of type and/or If can run it on an active view which is gonna be a filtered schedule with the regions that I want to know their areas.