Schedule Export Issue

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made a script that exports Revit schedules to Excel and this works great.
The thing that I am unsure about is why schedules that have a ** at the beginning of their name do not export?
With the current naming convention we have a few master schedules that say something like " **BOQ - Duct Fitting Schedule". When the ** is present, the schedules do not export.
I can remove the ** in dynamo but then it becomes a string… Does anyone know how to remove the ** from the schedule name and export it without changing the name in Revit? Alternatively, just how to leave the ** in place and export them?


Do not know that custom Node, but if I have to take a wild guess you will find that the node uses the Name of the schedule + Directory Path to make the filenames for the .txt files. * in a filename is not accepted in windows.

Open up the node to see if you can change that. If not a) use a different character in Revit to achieve the same result “_” maybe. Or just collect the data in Dynamo instead of in a schedule and export it from Dynamo into .txt/csv/xls

Hi Bjorn,

Thanks for your response.
I think I will just rename the schedules in Revit then export. Thank you for your insight though!