Schedule Creation and Filters

Hii Nick,
Any idea about these node which package can i download for this node " Number.ToInteger" Please help me it was very useful for my project

Thanks in Advance

If you right-click a node and go to Help… it will usually show you where it’s looking for the node which should include the package name.

In your case you can also use something like Math.Floor to convert your number to an integer.

Thanks Nick Math.Floor this node is working it was very useful my project thank you so much
Thanks for your reply and information

Hi Nick
Iam trying to place legends only on selected sheets not all sheets but i didnt place the sheets by using dynamo

Iam stuck on these please help me it was very useful for my project
Please let me know any other node can i use or any other methodPlacing views on sheets.dyn (35.7 KB)
This is my revit sheet list i need to place views only on some selected sheets only
Thanks in advance

You’re filtering the sheet numbers instead of the sheet objects.

Thanks Nick
Thanks for your information i got i will update as per instructions in script finally i got it what i want because of you thanks for helping me it was very useful for my project.
Thank you so much Nick

Hi NIck

In list transpose node i get the unit group door informations but please help me how to match below group door information to above group door information is their any node to match with above node please help me on these it was very helpful for my project

You would have to split your lists and compare them against each other.

Thank you for your information

As par your instructions i split into two categories, but how to campare each other is their any node to match with each other

please help me on this

Yes, there are multiple nodes/ways to compare items in a list. Do a little research in the forums first, I’m sure you’ll find something to point you in the right direction.

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