Saw cutting optimization from within Revit

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I would like to make a Revit-family for fast modelling of Cladding Panels.

Is there a way of integrating Saw-cutting optimization?

There are two sides to the question.

I want to be able to model fast, the introduction of sequences, to create a pattern.
Then I want to asses the result, by having a saw cut optimization software tel me how much waste I generate.

I can make an export each time, and introduce it in the third party software, which goes with our saw- cutting machine.

But isn’t there a way to simulate it “on the spot”? Or make the connection with a cloud based version of optimizing software?

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Instead of having users guess at the optimal layout, wait for the resulting waste calculation, and guess again… Why not let Dynamo and Generative Design come up with a few optimized solutions?

This is a sample available on the refinery beta site, which can serve as the basis of your effort.

Sign up for the beta here: Project Refinery Beta | Autodesk

Hi Jacob,

thanks for the lead, I will participate the program and start exploring.

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