Save each element instance as a Revit Project

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is safe now. I’ve searched far and wide for an answer, unsuccesfully.

I’ve made 36 types of floor and applied a different material with a basic Dynamo node. What I need consists in saving every floor instance in the project as a Revit project, individually.

Copying an instance in a different Revit Project could work too. Is there a way to achieve this?

I’ve tried a node in this topic. But it is aimed to save loadable families. Not element instances

I’ve created several floor instances by curves and applied different materials to each one. Thank you for helping me in this task. Stay safe

Find attached some images of my process

If I would need to do this manually I would create Groups and Save them out. You might want to explore that function to see if it’s exposed.

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Thank you. I’ve tried the groups workaround. No success yet. It seems it needs some sort of python code…

With the current project opened, my best bet would be:

for each floor type, use SaveAs() method to save the new document, Open() the new document, delete unwanted floor type and save the new document and continue for the subsequent floor type.


I would try creating a template file that does not have any floors in it. Then open that, cooy one instance into it, then save as based on your naming criteria. Very similar approach to @stillgotme just don’t need to delete everything, and could potentially place the floors all at the origin a little easier if that’s needed.

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