Runs With Errors


Hi all,
I have an odd situation. I created a Dynamo graph which finds all of the “in-place” families in a project and then exports them to an excel file.
When i created this, it worked fine, no issues at all.
I opened it up this week to use it again, and now it doesnt work. It will find all of the in place items, but it wont create the excel file. It says, "Warning: Excel.WriteToFile operation failed"
I have not updated Dynamo, no updates to any of the packages. As far as i know, nothing at all has changed on my PC, but it doesnt work.
Has anyone seen this before?


Did your version of excel change as that is often the cause. As a work around you could try writing to a CSV and see if that works.


Thanks for the advice. I did try the csv file route, but still non dice. I trieds two differnet csv exports and both delivered odd results.

  1. CSV.WriteToFile created a file called In-Place but did not give it a file extension. Once yo manually add the .csv extension, the data is correct, but should it npot create a .csv file to begin with? csv (no file extension)1
  2. File.WriteToCSV Created a file called In-Place.csv but the information is wrong. in cell A1 it has the work IN and that’s it.csv (wrong information)csv (wrong information)1csv (wrong information)2
    I think Excel may of updated which caused the issue in the first place.

I really need some help with this csv export stuff, does anyone know why this is happening?


Post your last attempted graph as a screenshot and the actual dyn file as well and I’ll try and have a look later. Attempt both the CSV and the xls in it if you can.


Current graph’s that i cant get to work.
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


Hi guys… did you fix this?

I’m in trouble yet, and i think is the same problem.

I was a lot of time without using my DYN FILE to export to an Excel File.

Today, I tryied, and got an error…



@daniel.petrin that looks like a networking error. Can you try writing to another location, like your desktop?


@JacobSmall, I formated my notebook, not because this problem (Dynamo), anyway… now it’s working… i don’t know what happened.

Thanks for your help!