Run single node multiple times with different values

Hi everyone :wink:

I´ve got a question concerning the execution of a node.

I´ve got a list of views and a list of dwg-filepaths which I want to input into a node which is called “Link DWG” from the Genious Loci Package.

When inserting the whole list I run into problems which the node. I had the same problems with other Nodes where I had to adjust the Python Script to match my List Structure. When inserting the Values one by one through x[0], x[1]… everything works perfectly fine.

For that reason I thought about the possibility to loop through my values one by one without changing the Link DWG node.

Does anyone know how this could work?

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Would you be able to post either your full .dyn file or a screenshot showing more context of how the data looks like before being fed into the Link DWG node? This is most likely related to lacing and/or levels.


Definitely list lacing and levels.

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Sorry… It was a stupid question :wink: The node worked, but the result wasn´t as expected…