Link multiple DWG

I’m trying to use the node “LinkDwg.AtOrigin” of Morpheus package for a link multiple DWG in diferent views. I’m a beginner user of dynamo.

I’ve prepared an excel with all views on first column and all file paths in the second one.
So, I’ve imported data to dynamo, I’ve create two lists, file paths and vides, but when I run the rutine I get an error, and I don’t know why.

If I punt only one file path anda one view, rutine works perfectly. But I need to link several DWG…

Could you help me!?
Thank you!

Hi @ariviti6,

Try with the longest lacing
(Right click on LinkDWG node and change the lacing).

Don’t work. Then the error is:

AG_dwg to revit.dyn (24.9 KB)

Hello…not sure but you feed in a string in your view have tried with views ?

try view by name from genius loci…

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Thank you @sovitek, using “view by name”, rutine links all dwg file into the revit model, and put them into selected views.

Thank you! I have so much for learn!