Run Excel vba macro from Dynamo


I developped a Dynamo algorithm to write into Excel some revit informations. I wrote a vba macro in excel to sort and get in shape these informations. And now I try to run my vba macro from Dynamo using Python but it’s not working. I also looked for to convert my vba macro into Python but I couldn’t find a good way to convert into Ironpython (Python used in Dynamo, I think ?)


Hi Antoine

Since you assigned the application to the name ‘excel’ in line 6, it should work, if you change the line where you run the macro to:

Thank you for the reply.

I had problems with the import line and I don’t think I was coding in IronPython so I changed everything :

Now the problem is :

It says that Revit can’t find the file in “C:\Users.goudinoux\Desktop\Métrés GO REVIT\MAJ Métrés GO simplifiés.xlsm” but in my code the file is in “C:\Users\a.goudinoux\Desktop\Métrés GO REVIT\MAJ Métrés GO simplifiés.xlsm”. Revit just deleted “\a” so it is normal that he can’t find the file. Do you have any idea of what is the problem ?

Thank you

The right code was :

Thank you