Rotate View 180º / Flip view Upside-down

Hi There, I have a script that was created following this post:

That created views of selected elements.

My problem is It shoots all the views from the geometric center of the element. So each view is a mirrored version of what I need.

I can manually rotate the views and that “Fixes” it.

So I tried to create a script that would automatically rotate the views 180º degrees, but instead of using the center of the view scope box as the rotation axis it uses the project center as the axis.

Tried to follow this post: Rotate crop views on sheet

Is there a way to shoot element views from the outside of an element instead of its center?
Or rotate views around its scope box axis?


Well, it was easier than I was expecting. You just need to Reverse the vector associated with the plane you’re shooting that views before you feed it to the “Create Element View node”.
In my case reversing the Y Vector did the trick.

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Yup the node should look like this. Took me a whole day to figure this out until I read this post. Thanks!
Note: This works perfectly for creating column section for schedules