Rotate rebar and change Hook Orientation


I am a beginner at Dynamo and I want to create a reinforcement script. The results that I want to get from the script are:

  1. Rotate the rebar and can change the position rotate point
  2. Change “Hook Orientation at Start / End”

But I got in trouble from the first step. My problems are:

  1. The element that I selected doesn’t appear in Dynamo, I use Revit 2020 with Dynamo version 2.3.
  2. Nodes that I choose seem not right.

My Questions are

  1. Why my element doesn’t appear in Dynamo?
  2. What Nodes should I choose to get the result?

Thank you.

please post what you have started with any error messages and see this FAQ - How to get help on the Dynamo forums

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