Wrong rebar hook orientation

Hi everyone

I dont find what’s missing in my script to get a wrong rebar hook orientation!!?
I tried all cases of hook orientation but I still get hook in same direction?? (Please check below my script and rebar generated in Revit)



any idea?

is that related to my vector in rebar container?


No one have an idea what’s missing in my script and why I get a reversed hook???

Hola Amigo @REDO10 como estas? I see that you are a little stressed, relax you are in the right place, I am not very familiar with the Rebars, but apparently they have parameters that control the curves at the beginning and at the end, maybe Element.SetParameterByName will work:

Hola amigo @gilberto.arechigaiba eres agradable :wink:

I’m not stressed… I’m pretty annoyed because I’ve tried a few tricks but it doesn’t work!!?

I also tried your idea but it doesn’t work…in both cases if I set “Hook Rotation At Start” or “End” I get only the inner hook rotated and the outer hook which I want rotate it’s still no changed

I think there’s a problem with the node RebarContainer.ByCurve or the vector direction but I can’t exactly determine the problem


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Can you send me the Revit model and your graph?


Please check below my script and my Revit model

ferraillage radial_nappe inf.dyn (286.7 KB)

slab.rvt (2.0 MB)


Hello, Redo,
I have run your script on the Revit model you have sent and everything makes sense.
You want both ends to be oriented to Up, right?
It works fine for me. I didn’t interfere with your script.

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So where is the problem for me??
Why I get the outer hook reversed?..there are some things that go wrong in Revit’s settings ?
I’m so confused!!!


Hi @REDO10,

Maybe an update of the package to the latest version?


All packages I used are updated


Hi @Omar.Elwan

Can you please tell me what’s your version of Dynamo for Rebar package ? mine is the latest 2.02

I use the same version too, 2.02.
Its really strange.
What type of rebar do you use? Sometimes it is hard to model big sizes due to some limitations.

@Omar.Elwan @Kulkul @jacob.small @GavinCrump

This script is frustraing and does not want to run properly

I tried a new script for radial rebars only to avoid interference with tangentiel rebars but it work only when I disconnect Vector.Reverse node from curves vector and connect the last one directly to Rebar container (see the image below)

Is there another way to create rebar container without using Dynamo for Rebar package?


does my issue is related to this post Rebar container not working ?


I’m not a structural engineer, and rebar tools aren’t my area of expertise, so the issue at hand is somewhat foreign to me without a graph and model to reproduce the issue.


If you take a look above I attached my graph and my Revit file so you can check them


Ah. You indicated a new script, so I figured some alterations had occurred. I’ll try and open this up later tonight, but no promises just yet (the day job stuff has to get finished first).

Sorry but what does the error state? I cant read French! If you also can expand the error message, it will be better.