Rotate newly created generic annotation family

Hello, friends, I want to do the following:

  1. Create an instance of a generic annotation family.
  2. Immediately rotate newly created instance.
    Here is a part of my nodes: If I run this, I will get revit’s error “can’t rotate element into this position”.

Hi Tuuletin,

I think your “Family Instance” should have rotation parameter.

Not sure how to accomplish this in Dynamo, but you might also consider rotating the UCS before the GA is placed.


You’ll most likely need a “Transaction.End” node between “FI.ByPointInView” and “FI.SetRotation”.

Thought about that the first time, but didn’t want to make a very simple family a bit more complicated.
Greg McDowell
Don’t think, this would have helped, because I tried also rotation based on vector (via python). Seems, vectors and UCSes are something a bit “similar” :з
Dimitar Venkov
Thank you, friend! This absolutely helped! Now the nodes look like:

Thanks to everyone!