Rotate Multiple Scope Boxes Aligned to Element?

Hi Dynamites!

I was trying to rotate scope boxes with the following attempt, but no success! Anyone has an idea how to achieve this? Thanks.


Does Element.Rotate not work on scope boxes?

Also, @lucifer is the selected element your scope box? If so, why are you transforming it to a bounding box and attempting to rotate that? Bounding Boxes (in either Revit or Dynamo) are always axis aligned. Scope boxes can be rotated but it’s not clear of those can be adjusted via the API.

i can rotate it now, i just can’t align it with the family, away from pc, i’ll post what i have later. Thanks :slight_smile:

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@lucifer did you manage to solve this?

This works for me…

RotateScopeBox.dyn (15.7 KB)

Hope that helps,


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