Boundingbox rotation


Hi all,

Am I the only one having problems with Element.BoundingBox not working as expected?

The BoundingBox doesn’t fit the Element geometry if rotated for eksampel by 45 degrees.

Dynamo version

Revit 2016 R2

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Boundingbox rotation


It’s what is called an axis aligned bounding box. To my knowledge this is on purpose.


Hi John

Thank for your answer. I missed the axis aligned for that node.

Do you know of any workarounds or nodes out there for getting min. and max. point from a geometry instead of using boundingbox?



Found a workaround in Vertex



I think im having the same issue as you, im trying to put a bounding box around a door, however i cant seem to get the bounding box to be square to the element.


if any one has any ideas please let me know. …


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BoundingBox.ByGeometryCoordinateSystem should have helped, but that node hasn’t been working as expected for a long time now.