Rotate multiple elements around its axis


I’ve made a tool that rotates all selected elements around its own axis.

The next step is to integrate the input for the rotation into a menu.
I’m stuck at this point:

The problem is that it only rotates one element.
I also want to be able to select the elements afterwards and not before starting the node.

I actually managed to alter the node so that it rotates multiple elements.
it does not deserve a beauty prize, but it does work.:grin:

Still…does anyone know how to alter this node to select the elements afterwards?
Rotate ME Axis.dyn (26.5 KB)
Or does anyone know how to replace the UI.listview in to something more appropriate

The reason your second graph doesn’t work is because MultipleInputForm++ returns User Inputs as a list. You can either get the input at index 0 for that list or set your SetRotation node to longest lacing.