Rotating the multiple elements against one point

Hi everyone, I have just started with Dynamo. I got stuck with trying to rotate multiple elements (group of generic model families) against one point in plan, let’s say Project Base Point. It seems to be very simple operation then doing it manually in Revit. Just wondering if anyone could give some clue or direction. Many thanks in advance.

Hi @svetadiv
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Could you please show us your graph. It will help others to know where have you been stuck.

Hi @Kulkul,
Here is what I got. I could not find anything else which would work with multiple elements.

@svetadiv axis input needs to be vector currently you’re feeding line:


Hi @Kulkul,
Now it works for me. I really need to get used contextual help when you pointing on nodes. Thanks a lot for your help. Much appreciated.

Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!

@Kulkul What if i want the elements to rotate at their individual coordinate?

@jwy997 Please start new topic. This thread is already solved.