Rotate a list of elements individually


I have to place some objects in Revit and in the right direction. The place part i already did, i take the reference point and place the object in this point, it was realy easy, but now i need to rotate the elements and each one has a diferent direction.

They are in this orientation:

But i need that they stay like this:

I already tried the rotate node e mostly everything but always rotate all objects in the same direction. I’m triyng python to make a loop, rotate and check if they are in the right direction but i don’t know python very well.
Anything could help me.

Check your assumption, try giving multiple (different) to this function and you will see that is not the case.
For each support you probaly already have the beam it should support, find the angle of the beam, determine the difference between that angle and you default placement angle, rotate support around the correct point.

Hi @rinacimareller,

You can use the Element GetRotation and Element GetRotation nodes of the Genius Loci package to retrieve angles and rotate the elements.


I already tried this package, but i don’t have a element where i get the location, i’l use a rotation informed by the user