Error in rotating columns


I am facing the problem with rotating the column elements placed by doing small scripts. This script works fine for other site utility elements but not working for structural columns. I want to rotate. Please help me out.

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Hi @shashank.bagane,

Try with the Element SetRotation node in Genius Loci package instead.


@Alban_de_Chasteigner Thanks for the reply. I am not finding that package in my server. Kindly let me know for this

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner
Thank you for your solution. I have found the package and now I am able to rotate the elements easily

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My first reaction when I followed your instruction is WHOAH!!!
It feels I am bewitched for a moment and is looking my screen while my mouth is open

Actually I am about to write the same question and about to snip the same script from my screen when I changed my mind and look for the same question which I did and landed in this post

I am just starting my journey in Dynamo and I did the same exact script and got the same exact error, beautifully you gave this solution, but I want something

Can you please explain why the error when this is supposedly very simple, very straightforward script?

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It is because the node coming with Dynamo out of the box is probably not accounting for all possible interpretations of ‘rotation’. In the case of Genius Loci, Alban has included many checks for various other ways elements represent their rotation, one of them being the ‘total transform’ property of an elements location.

In this case, I believe this is how a column stores its location and Genius Loci has a check for this.

You’ll often find that we need to use custom nodes or Python to ‘work ahead’ of where the standard nodes in Dynamo are currently at.


That custom node, is that an advance level of dynamo or it’s still consider a basic? If it is a basic, can I know how to do it? Or if it is long explanation, can you point me to right direction by giving me a link on how to learn that? Thank you

It’s probably intermediate skill level if you know how to work with the Revit API and Python. These two skills are advanced for Dynamo users, so if you are not a Python/API user then this is a good place to start.

If you know Python, open the node and have a look at it. It’s fairly self explanatory, and is built to find the various ways locations are stored in elements in Revit to assess rotation angle.

I have some resources over on my channel (Aussie BIM Guru) that relate to both: