Create room separator from line in the door (problem with Room Separator From Curve)

hi all
i gust create this script and the result is null what i missing ???
Thanks Sarah

RoomSeparator.FromCurve.dyn (77.8 KB)

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the problem i faced that make me create this script

Hello Sarah

try :
changing list level off the node:


thanks nico it’s working :heart_eyes:

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I’m trying to place room separators on all wall centerlines… unsuccessfully

What is the warning?

The one above Element.GetLocation is Warning:Elelemnt.GetLocation operation failed. The location of the structural element is not a valid curve.

The one above Curve.PullOntoPlane is Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer

I belive it’s because I have a couple of zeros in the list (maybe the walls have some structural element that doesn’t read as curve)

I tried also with List of Curves to Room Separation Lines in Active View with no success :confused:

I filtered out the “null” but the issue wasn’t that

Do you have an idea why am I getting nulls. I’m still stuck with it

Note to self and other noobs: always go in “edit custom node” and check if you have all the custom node definitions loaded!