Room/space information for duct, pipe and cable tray

Dear all,
is someone thinking about the room or space information associated to duct/pipe/cable trays?
Today we can retrieve this information in the schedule for single point elements like fittings, air terminals, etc.
It will be very useful if we could split a system by room and then associate the related information.

For construction companies this will help to link 3d model to the 4D planning developed by project control team.
Now we don’t have any instrument to be able to achieve this segregation of information and we have to manually associate elements.

Maybe we can achieve this result for fabrication elements instead of design elements.

Hi Cesare,

I did sth few months ago about that.

I’m not sure if you are looking for that, but I upload my script.

To sum up, I’ve used element geometry and look for intersecctions between rooms and ducts. then put the rooms name in a duct parameter.

CheersRoomtoDucts.dyn (26.4 KB)


Thanks for your prompt reply.
I already achieved that result. I would like to split the duct by room. To do this I’ve to insert an invisible union at the intersection point, to be able to have two or more different ducts, each one related a single space.
Only in this way I can export an excel by room and map with the planning.

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Hi @Manel_Fernandez,
Can you share the Screen of the dyn file. I can’t open it as I’m using lower version (0.8).Thanks