Room Rename by Spline Issue (only rooms with curve going through)

I am trying to get a room rename script to run properly, however I am getting some issues with rooms getting renamed outside of the spline created. Does anyone have any hints on how to confine it room bounding boxes that the curve intersects? (bounding box.contains)

Room Re-Namer.dyn (58.9 KB)

Can you post a screenshot? I’m mobile and can’t open the dyn file.

Zoom in so nodes are legible before taking the screen capture.

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I think theres a better way to get rooms and input, however i just want to make sure that the only rooms that are renamed are the ones with a spline going through…

What makes these rooms special? Why do you only care about them? You’re right in that there might be a better way to filter your selection. More information would be helpful.

I was having a few issues with rooms that did not have a curve passing through changing numbers, but now it seems to only happen half of the time. I would like to be able to set multiple splines in several different areas on the same floor to rename different tenant areas with separate number indications

So you want different rooms to have different numbering sequences based on the tenant. Is the tenant data stored anywhere in the rooms or in the model?

no, i was hoping to isolate the different areas simply by the curve that goes through the rooms, do you think there’s a better way to approach it?
Giving each room identity data is something I would like to avoid if possible

Giving each room tenant data seems like a good approach, but I understand not wanting to add data if you don’t have a good place to store it. You could also use the Data Shapes package to make a selection of rooms rather than drawing curves and trying to get the intersecting rooms. Data Shapes is a very useful package if you haven’t checked it out yet. You could even use it to input your different tenant options, then make selections for each one.

ill take a look, thanks for the heads up