Room Reference point?


has anyone written anything useful in order to find that center point of a room which is in the middle of its diagonal reference lines?

This is the point where Revit places the room tag, just to be clear.

The issue is that if a room is convex, it is very easy to find a center point using something like Clockwork “PointAverage” node.

However, for rooms that are Concave, that point may very well be outside the boundaries of the room.

So, if I can extract the room reference point, I know it is for sure within the room boundaries. Otherwise I have to write some algorithm that “crawls” around, maybe starting from the PointAverage, looking for the room…


Thank you





Oops, I found the room collector node, which returns the reference point I was looking for!

Thank you, Lunch Box!







Nice find with Lunchbox. Also, I would like to mention that you have over-complicated this question because Room’s reference point is same as its “location”. You can use the OOTB Element.Location or Clockwork’s Element.Location node to find that point.

Good luck!