Room names and numbers on components fails

I’m trying to simply get the parameters from the rooms and place them on mechanical equipment components. I made a smaller model in order to test it and I still fail. It’s probably some lacing or some node missing in between.

@sivin.sivov, seems that you need find rooms for elements first. Try Element ToRoom from Genius Loci package.

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It asks for a RevitLinkInstance as input but both the rooms and the components are in the same model.

I tried with “Elements in Room” but it also mixes them up.

you can skip inputs with emphasis (text with angled characters)

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You don’t need the flatten but you also need to find out in which room is the equipment. You can’t assume that the order of both lists are right.


of course not, why would I assume that :sweat_smile:

Element to room worked, I’ll try your method too. Which package is Rooms By Status from?

It’s a native node since … a couple release :slight_smile: