Room identify from linked model

Can we use “Dynamo” to make the FF&E family to identify Room number and level from the linked Architecture model?

Hello, what kind of family is the “FF&E Family” you are talking about? Does it have the room calculation point activated (accessible from the family editor)?

normal furniture model. e.g. Tables, Chair and Sofa.
yes it is an editable family model.

I did some quick tests and the first thing that comes to my mind is to open the FF revit file, use dynamo to read the linked rooms in the ARC file and write them to a parameter (maybe shared), and then reload the FF file in the ARC and sort the schedule by this new parameter. (If you want the schedule to be in the ARC file…)
Not nice but maybe it could still be something to start from.
This link may help in retrieving information from the linked file: