Room.Doors in Linked Model

I’m having an issue with a linked model and the Room.Doors node from Clockwork. In a mechanical model, I have an architectural model linked in. I’m using Doors.Room and it works, however Room.Doors does not. See attached.

I looked into the node itself and its referencing Doors.Room node within it, not sure if that would affect it.

Thanks ahead of time.

Nat, I tried re-creating your workflow using the Revit Advanced Mechanical Sample Project with the Advanced Architecture model linked in and I encountered the exact same issue. I cracked open the Room.Doors node from Clockwork to see what it was doing and I created a solution that I think produces the result you are looking for. This isn’t the most efficient or elegant solution so if anyone else wants to propose a different approach, be my guest:

NMacDonald_help 1.dyn (22.3 KB)


Ah ha! Dirty does the trick. That looks awesome. I thought there was going to be more filterbyboolmask’s in there but that makes sense. Thanks Kyle. Maybe once I get a little more into Python I can figure out why that doesn’t work in the Clockwork node.