Roofs locking to walls - not dynamo question

Hi all,

Disclaimer - not dynamo related, just find this forum really useful

I am working on a few contractors revit models, and finding that they often don’t create the roof by ‘picking walls’.

Is there a reason not to do this?

depends on the roof – sloped roofs occasionally won’t clean up correctly if you use pick walls but if you use lines they’re totally fine – also constraints can be a PITA


Assuming you mean a person focused on fabrication, they may see less value in setting up constraints than a design team as they view the design as ‘fixed’ so no need for the “extra” work.

Interesting. I wonder if I am being trained to use revit in a different way from how other people use it. …the stuff we are doing is very generic, small scale and changes are often made along the way. And we have to do everything very quickly. Food for thought!

Thanks for your response. Both responses are food for thought.
…in my country we are experiencing the beginnings of increasing wealth gap. Which means there is an insane amount of work designing and building houses. My office hires contractors for all sorts of things… they are mostly architectural technicians or architectural designers.