Road as subregions in Dynamaps

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I’m trying to create the roads taked from Dynamaps but I have some mistake I don´t know identify… The warning say me

“Advertencia: DynaMapsNodesFunctions.Error en la operación subregionTest.
PolyCurves may be branching”

Does anyone knows how to solve it?



So Dynamaps is trying to use the Centre-Line of the roads (that’s the data available to it from Open Streetmap)… It is offsetting and creating a sub-region which correlates to the approximate road surface.

That specific warning is one which you get when Dynamo gets a Y shape in a line and it doesn’t know which branch to take.

I would suggest you take the Road Polycurves and investigate them, perhaps you can use nodes such as Archi-lab ‘Group Curves’ then ‘get end points’, ‘prune duplicates’, ‘create polycurve by points’ then feed the results in, or do your own ofsets to create your own sub-regions?

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Hi @Mark.Ackerley,

Thank you a lot for your answer! Yeah I understand what you say. For sure it is going to be better manipulate by myself the polycurves.

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Try making this change …
(worked like that here)


I have been trawling on here for getting detail lines or model lines to then be translated as a subregion upon a selected topography, however, l am having no joy. Any thoughts regarding this?