DynaMaps road surfaces error

Hi everyone!
Has anyone else encountered the error below?
I’m trying to get road surfaces from DynaMaps, but the RadsAsSurface node gives me the following error:
“OSCULATING_CURVES – curves osculate at vertex - cannot evaluate order”.
Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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I get this error



Maybe @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi can help?

In the meantime…

As you probably know, the data extracted and used to generate the solid is a single polyline…

I presume that it is then intersected with all the other ones, the resultant shape offset, then thickened.

I find that anything involving the creation of a closed line in Dynamo to be pretty fragile. If the custom node is throwing an error, I’d probably have a go at doing it manually in Dynamo so you can see exactly what is going wrong…

My method would be something like… Get the individual curves, offset each curve by the normal and - curve normal… Get the end points, prune duplicates, make polycurve from points and extrude to solid…

Hopefully that’s useful,


2 questions :slight_smile:

  • what version of the package are you using?
  • Have you tried other width values?

Hi! I have tried varied values and using package below. just upgraded. Gave better building heights I think but no roads

Hi Mustafa

Sorry for the late response. I’m using 2019.2.20 version, and I did try many different values for width, but it still gives an error.
Do you have any suggestions?


Is there any solution to this issue?

Advertencia: DynaMapsNodesFunctions.Error en la operación BuildingsOnTopo.
Unable to compute thickened face : LOP_OFF_BAD_OFFSET – offset null or will make body too thin or inside out

Me sale este error, alguien me puede ayudar :frowning: