Riser Line Breaks

Trying to use dynamo to create line breaks for my electrical riser diagrams. Any ideas of a node that could get me started with this? I can retrieve particular line types, but I need to focus on the individual instances of the line types, see if they intersect, and then create two lines from the one with a break.

Hi @pbiggersB2QED, can I see your work so far? :slight_smile:

or, if you haven’t any Dynamo-graph yet, you must have a sketch of what you’re trying to achieve? :slight_smile:

End result would be to have dynamo create line breaks on a drafting view at the spots marked in orange. I’ll upload the dynamo-graph next.

This is what I started working on, but I’m still in the trial and error stage.


Is this exactly what you want to do?

Line_Ä°ntersection.dyn (61.7 KB)

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Pretty close, but It would be lines that have already been drawn in Revit that need to have gaps at the line break. This is what I would want Dynamo to be able to do.