Rhythm package pick model elements and select model elements treating model splines differently

Hi all,

I have this code which works fine with the select model element node but the problem is it doesn’t work with a dyno button/dynamo player.

So I searched the forum and I came across a post that suggested to use the pick model elements from the rhythm package. I’ve seen a GIF that Mostafa posted and I thought this will solve my problem, but unfortunately the node treats model spline lines differently to the select model elements node (see Below)

The select model elements spits out points at parameter on continuous spline,wheres the pick model elements doesn’t.

As always, the comments are apprecitated.

Thanks in advance

@James_Washbourne - After CurveElement.Curve, go ahead and add a List.FirstItem and you should be good to go.

my node outputs a list (even if it is one item) and you need a single item to make life easier. I will fix this in a new update.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

its worked a treat.

Thanks again

Another question, do you want your users to have the ability to select multiple? This can allow for that which may make your graph work differently.

I went ahead and made this as well if it will work better for you.

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I’m just using a single spline at the moment, but if i had two splines I suppose I would have to have another joining the two splines together.

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