Rhynamo nurbs curve to revit


I want to use rhynamo imort to revit

The workflow how can I do ?! CSNM.OpenNURBS.Test5-Nurbs


2015-04-06_184820If I use importinstance.by geometry,the workflow next step how can I do ??

If you want just the linework, all that is left is to connect your NurbsCurves to a “ModelCurve.ByCurve” node. However keep in mind that Revit’s geometry engine is quite picky about the NurbsCurves it can create and some of the lines might fail to cross over.

I agree with Dimitar. I am certain that some of your line-work will not cross over correctly.

How can I cross it ?!

I use ModelCurve.ByCurve can’t connect NurbsCurves