Rhynamo download

*I searched many websites and couldn’t find Phynamo. Who can share the software package?Thank you very much.

There is no Phynamo on the package manager website(https://dynamopackages.com/), where did you see this package. Because it might be best to speak to the person you saw that had it.

This could be a personally package they created or know who created it, then that will help to spread some light onto where you can get it.

I would add that you should watch where you download packages from and make sure they are safe prior to using on a production machine.

Thanks for your reply.I’m sorry I typed it wrong.The package I want is Rhynamo and I downloaded did not have a DYF file.

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Hello…just for info Rhynamo needs Rhino installed for working…

I installed rhino software,but I can’t find a package called Rhynamo.Maybe the author has removed it,so i can’t find any .dyf files.

try here…Rhynamo – PROVING GROUND or here :Bitbucket

Just info: "Greetings Rhynamo users,

Please note that I have decided to stop development and maintenance on this project. Feel free to use and reference this code if you find it valuable in your work. If you are interested in a comprehensive set of interoperability tools for Rhino to Revit, please check out Proving Groundís new commercial toolkit for workflows - Conveyor.

Thank you for your interest - I hope the code can provide some value even though I will no longer be working on this project.

Best regards,

Nate Miller"

Thanks for your reply. I also got a bag on this site, but it didn’t work, so I’m trying to find out if anyone has ever used this bag to share.