Rhino To Revit - Curves - Best Practices

Hello Dynamo Community,

I have recently started working with Revit, and Dynamo, and currently trying to establish interoperability between Rhino and Revit. I feel quite new but excited about the possibilities.
So I have been trying to translate closed planar polycurves from rhino to dynamo to Revit floor elements using Rhinamo.
It seems that from Rhino, I need my polycurves to be quite clean when it comes to complex shapes composed with curves and straight lines.
Here are my insights : no tiny segments, a minimum amount of control points, no arcs (Dynamo seems to reverse them into the remaining circle).
I often end up tracing over my Rhino floors to get clean curves. I am looking for an algorithmic approach where I know that if I, for example, explode into segments, rebuild with 1 degree and 2 control points, join then I dynamo will turn these into clean revit floors.
Here is a snapshot of the definition that I am using. It is for a tower. I name my curves in Rhino to output an ordered list in Dynamo, and get my level names from Excel to attribute them to the corresponding floor.

Do experienced users have insights or Dynamo definition to share on that general topic?