RevitAPIdocs introduction

Where can i get a good introduction on how to use the revit api docs website? Im having trouble understanding the structure of the website and how to read or use it.

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I would also like such a thing, unfortunately I’m not sure it exists. As you may know, the Revit Api Docs is an open source project, therefore it doesn’t have the kind of support you’d get from an Autodesk product.

The guy who built it did an AU class which touches on it

The base API is also talked through in this Lynda course using Visual Studio…

Hopefully other people have some more links :slight_smile:

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Did you ever try coding in python with the Revit API or are you just starting now? I too would like to have (and to have had when I started…) an introduction to the API but I just ended up trying to understand the python codes in the packages, using the RevitLookup plugin to explore my elements.

If you download the Revit SDK you can also find a folder with many samples (I think written in C#)

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Depended on which Revit version you are using, you can download the Revit Api SDK.
The descriptions there are different and more useful (my opinion) from the Revit Docs.

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@jnoordzij, you could start from Autodesk Developer Network tutorial here:

And have a look at @Jeremy_Tammik blog:


Hello Jnoordzij,

In a basic sense, you can have a look at the following example on the dynamoPython Wiki. If you scroll down to Page 53 onwards it should start to explain how to read the Revit API inside of Python. If your language of choice is C# then the website generally has examples written out and this forum will contain many under the [Developer] tag.