How to use Revit SDK?

Hi All,

I don’t know how the Revit SDK works. There doesn’t seem a way to access it in a Revit session neither can I find it on the windows menus. Does anyone know of how to access the SDK to look up stuff?

Well, saying “I don’t know how to lookup classes in the” is an equivalent to saying: “I don’t know how to use internet…”. It’s a website with a search menu. It doesn’t need explaining. I am sorry for being a prick but it’s Monday morning and my tolerance for “impossible” questions is at it’s all time low. Idk, maybe @Gui_Talarico can help here. He’s made that website, and I am sure he’s open to complaints that it’s hard to navigate. :frowning:


I can suggest to have a look to this course online

It is perfect to start and learn together Python and Revit API…
Good luck!

Hi @simon_murphy1

I am happy to hear any suggestions you might have on how to improve navigation on or somehow make it easier for new users.

That said, Api Docs is more of reference resource than a learning resource and it is simply a more polished version of the official Revit API Documentation

If you are struggling to understand how to use the API Documentation I would encourage you to spend some more time going through less technical resources first - this might be a good place to start:



Hi Gui,

I am going through the Dynamo Python tutorial by Jeremy Graham. Thanks for python nodes link.

I don’t have any suggestions for the site apart from maybe hard coding generic phrases instead of just linking search queries to class names. Say if you typed create wall it doesn’t return the wall class because that is not the correct name space.

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