Revit Tray Tag Based on Coordinates

Is there any way to add numbers in series (In Cable tray) Comments Parameter) . based on Origin point of Project file or base point ?
for example the tray which is near to origin it should be 01 and those which are far from origin it should be last.
want to add number based on position.

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You could use the Geometry.DistanceTo node to figure out which points are closest to the base point

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Ya… But i dont know hot to do it… any sample reference so i can refer it and create same for me



Something like this (and some searching on the forum) should help you get started:

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@fkp7057 , i have no errors but it does not work :wink:
SetParameterByName.dyn (45.1 KB)

to implent the project origin is the challange… … i think there should be also a tutorial with a spline and numbering parkingplaces, but i can`t find it.



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This work ok in X direction. but, in Y direction in shorting reverse.
Check Gif
Those Tray which are far from origin point at Y direction it gives 00, (Ideally It should be last)
But, if you check in X direction Tagging Sequence is ok.

I think by fixing Y Direction may get result I want.

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I have Updated @Draxl_Andreas dynamo program (by exploring various forums) and achieved what I wanted.
SetParameterByName.dyn (27.9 KB)

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FYI: I don’t think you need to GroupByKey to then Flatten that grouping.

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Updated one.
SetParameterByName.dyn (26.2 KB)