Revit Automated Cable tray Tag

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I am new in this forum and Dynamo.

I am preparing Cable Tray Drawing where i need to provide Cable tray tags on each tray.
for that I have Modified default tray Tag family as per my requirement.
I use “Comment” Parameter to to tag my cable trays. in my Model there are many Trays and it is very much lengthy and time consuming task add tray series no. in comments parameter.

(Refer attached GIF)

I want dynamo to add that series 01,02,03…in my cable tray comments parameter. so i can save my time .

Any help or any reference to complete my task to provide task.

Let me know in case require more info on this.

@fkp7057 , hi

you can collect your trays and count them. Based on the count you create a numberset.



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Any sample program ?
dont know hot to do.

thats my coffee break :slight_smile: @fkp7057

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As per above graph i made this list.
but, how can I add this values in Cable tray Comments parameters?


use node setParameterByName

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
It works…
But That Number is not in series…
Is there any way to add these numbers in series . based on Origin point of Project file or base point ?
for example the tray which is near to origin it should be 01 and those which are far from origin it should be last.
want to add number based on position.


I would recomment create a new topic!

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