Revit save as cloud worksharing file on BIM 360


I was wondering if there’s a way to save a Revit file as cloud in BIM 360 platform with Dynamo and also maybe synchronise and publish, it’s a real waste of time the process in this platform.

First you have to save it as a cloud model:

And then you can enable worksharing:

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someone of technical support of BIM360 of Autodesk said API code will be added to export revit project as cloud model, but I can see that already exists and that person do not know about

That was added in the 2022 release about 6 weeks or so ago. Since most are in prior versions the two API methods I pointed out above should work without issue.

would be great to have it in a new hotfix of Revit 2020, 2021 as well, or create a button in bim360 to create cloud models of the existing ones in other directories, otherwise people have to find tricks programming to avoid limitations

funny that in the website of Revit API, that cloudsharing method is available in Revit 2020 and 2021, but not 2022 and previous.

2022 deprecated the method to allow saving of workshared models directly.

2020 and 2021 utilized the method to save as a non-workshared cloud model, and then enable worksharing after the fact.

is possible to activate in Revit a detached central file as worksharing in BIM360 cloud? I mean not using Dynamo now and not saving the detached central file as project cloud model in BIM360. Sounds weird

The question is something like: how do you enable the worksharing from Revit a detached central file? I want to understand what I am trying to do with Dynamo later.

I guess is just this button
or save project as cloud model

This, sadly, depends on which version of Revit you are using.

Maintaining the worksets requires saving locally, then using collaborate in the cloud (which may not have an API in the version you are using). A good Record of element GUIDs on a given workset for all user created worksets can automate putting the genie back in the bottle if you have to detach without worksets to save as a cloud model first.


Did anyone made the node that makes it possible to save a revit model as a cloud model?
At the moment my script converts .ifc files to .rvt files within BIM360, now i want the .rvt file to be saved as a cloudmodel to my published folder in BIM360 so that when i publish my model the linked files are also published.

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