Revit_Multiple selection conditions

Hi All,

I am trying to select Revit family based on multiple conditions, first condition is system name, and the second condition is family name.

The problem that I have is that I don’t know how to combine those two conditions into one.

To conclude, I want to select all the families with exact name in exact system.

Best regards, Branimir

You could plug the outpout of your first group in a String from Object node and wire that into the 2nd group’s string contains / filter by bool mask nodes?

Like @slepagetrudeau said, you can merge the two by using the first filtered list as the input for your second condition, or you could check to see which items show up in both output lists.


Thanks for your inputs but can you be a bit more precise because I am really newbie in Dynamo :sa:

Where do I plug output of first group? Make a new node? And that node than plug into string contains or into filter by bool mask?

Thanks for help!

Best regards, Branimir

There are many ways you could do it but the most basic would be, rather than getting All Elements in Active view (again) use the filtered list from your first condition.

Like so,

In this particular case, you simply want to create a new bool mask to affect to your list.


Now I understand everything. I really appreciate your help.

Thanks @slepagetrudeau & @Nick_Boyts