Revit Model Info not populating in Dynamo


New To Dynamo here. I was trying to number the door according to the room numbers but it does not look like Dynamo is pulling in my doors. In the tutorial videos the author is showing a small box where I have circled. My dynamo is not showing this box at all. It seems Dynamo is not pulling in any of my door from the project.

Does anyone know what might be happening here?


Hi @mractliffe

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That small box is the preview for nodes and it was in older version (0.9), now we have pin icon in newer versions:


Thanks for the response. The pin does not reveal any list of doors either. All is blank. I still do not know how to get this to populate. I have clicked on the pin and no list of doors show up.

Still not sure if I am missing something.


where is your node All Element of category?? this one populate all the doors from the current revit project. See what Kulkul did