Revit link paths change after running a script

this is my first post, after reading hundreds, and it’s to see if anyone can help to understand what’s happening. I have a script for cleaning and recentralize model. It runs in the background, reading a list from excel with the files to clean. So far, very simple, right?

Well, it seems to work, but we have realized that, after running it, all the RVT linked to the models change their path from our mapped network drive to C:\Program Files. For example:

Original path: R:\Models\architecture.rvt
Modified: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2020\architecture.rvt (or even different)

I’m not a python expert (neither a non-expert), but I have looked to the custom nodes and I haven’t seen anything suspicious. The script is this:

Packages used are (and their custom nodes): Rhythm (OpenDocumentFile, GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance, CloseDocument), Genius Loci (Purge Unused, Collector of Views, Delete Elements, Document SaveAs, SynchronizeWithCentral in Document), Clockwork (List.ReplaceNull) and BumbleBee (BB Data, Write Excel).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced!

Welcome to the forum @GGP! I always love seeing people who used to be readers start interacting - I think you will find that you get a lot more out of it this way. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the image of your graph doesn’t have the resolution needed to read your node names, which means the community can’t be of much direct help. Can you zoom in so you can see the node names, expand any preview data which may help us look at stuff like list structure, and the use the ‘export canvas as image’ feature (camera button in the top left, just outside the workspace)? Don’t worry about the entire graph fitting on screen - this button will grab the entirety of the content at the level you zoomed in to.

While I can’t see the nodes and therefore can’t see why this is happening, I can give some advice. You may want to see if you can re-set the link paths to be the newly created links after they are made. The re-pathing can be automated after the fact as a separate graph or ‘after’ the final action in your graph, and then sync again. This will not only resolve your issue but would also ensure that the documents linked into the new central consist of the newly updated dat set.

Thank for your answer! Here is the screenshoot:

The point is, as far as I know, that paths of existing links change, but theoretically there is nothing in the script that suggest this is part of the process, that it’s possible to happen.

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Hmmm… looks like everything should be resolved still, just as you stated…

Try removing sections of the graph - content which is happening between two passthrough nodes - and save (but don’t sync) to see if that resolves the issue. Eventually this will let you narrow in on the specific node causing the error.

Ensuring you have an updated version of all packages in relation to your Revit release / build would also be a good idea. What Revit release are you on now?