Revit API geometry got empty list

Hello guys,
I was trying to convert my model element exported from inventor to solid using the last python script that you used before, but it does not work for my model.

Can I get some help?

Catenary Mast.rvt (6.0 MB)

intersect element.dyn (16.2 KB)


Is in inventor not a .rfa or .rvt exporter?

the issue is even when i explode the import, geometry get lost :confused:



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Hi @ihouzi ,

Have you tried the node Element.GetLocation?


At least you get a point…

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3802 surfaces are able to be extracted via the method mentioned here, ( “trim_with_edge_loops” error · Issue #2806 · DynamoDS/DynamoRevit · GitHub ) but they cannot be used to create a Solid as “Surfaces could not be joined into a closed Solid, even with refinement!”
It is a very complex object :sweat_smile:

GetElementGeometryError.dyn (8.0 KB)

So the best you may hope for with this particular geometry may be a PolySurface (with a few minor holes) :slight_smile:

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hello @Daan yeah the location is already work so what i need is convert surface . i think Mr @Ewan_Opie find the solution.:grinning:

I want to thank you Mr @Ewan_Opie for your help I know it’s a very complicated object because I made this assembly for a project. there are many parts in this object.
My need to convert this object to surface is to check if there is any interest in my project, i want to automate a script to check this intersection with other objects.

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hello @Draxl_Andreas it’s a assembly made in inventor and exported to rfa for revit

Hi @ihouzi

Glad to help :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are going to use this object for any kind of clash detection, as well as geometric representation within Revit, I would recommend building it into a Revit Family with different levels of detail in the Coarse, Medium and Fine detail levels.

This would mean you could take a simpler object to run clash detection with, as the current model has so much geometry, thus reducing your processing time and requirements.

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hello @Ewan_Opie
it was my first idea at the beginning but, this type of model is complicated to build in revit as well as, they are built with complicated parameters . The only solution was to use Inventor instead of Revit.

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hi @Ewan_Opie
the Script work in Medium Scaling.
Is there a solution in the Pyrhon Script to fix the Geometry Scaling Error?

I did not mean to build it in Revit, rather use the Inventor geometry inserted into a Revit Family, then add basic Revit Extrusions to the family that display at one of the other detail scales, as to have two representations. One for documentation, one for clash detection.


The complex geometry of the object likely scales badly, so this isn’t entirely unexpected.
Altering the accuracy of the units used within Dynamo via the Scaling is likely causing inconsistencies in how the geometry is calculated. Can you post the specific error message?

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Hello @Ewan_Opie
yeah I figured it out now it’s a good idea I’ll try it out, it can solve many problems in my model.