Review of Graph To Harvest Pipe Segments and Sizes From a Model

I was hoping someone would be willing to spend a few minutes reviewing this graph and providing input on how to simplify. My intent is to harvest the Pipe Segment & Sizes from a project so I can use the nominal, OD, & ID data in lookup tables on different families, based on their segment type.

Pipe Segment and Sizes.dyn (57.2 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Is there a reason why you need to use a python method to pull the ID/OD, versus just using GetParameterValueByName?

You can export more than one column per node, one export node should do it.
If you are stuck using the python method for some reason, you can also combine your lists together and then transpose the result to get the same formatting.

Thanks for the time looking at this. One question; will your proposal get all data w/out having to draw the pipes? Apologies upfront… I’m learning on the fly here :slight_smile:

Yes, typically a node like Element.Geometry or Element.Solids will draw the pipes in Dynamo space, processing those graphics can be time-intensive.

This method is just pulling information from the active project, no geometry needed.