Create new values from pipe element data and a excel workbook

I’m trying to use values from a excel workbook and values from individual pipe segments to write some new values to shared parameters back in revit. The goal is to calculate pipe segment weight for our fabrication shop. And also calculate raw material price, and labor rate for installation based on pipe diameter and pipe length.
Where I’m stuck is how to multiply the correct values from the workbook to the appropriate values of the Pipe Segements. For example: A 6" diameter pipe segment for the system type Hydronic -CHWR should use the values under the “Carbon Steel Sch40” sheet in the workbook. To complicate matters, the same system type but a smaller diameter, like 1" pipe, should use the values in the “Copper Type K” sheet of the workbook. I am very new to Dynamo, so I’m trying to accomplish this task without using custom nodes, but i’m also not closed off to them either. I’m not sure if i’m on the right track, or if i need a new approach. Any input would be appreciated.

Cutom Pipe and Fitting Values for Fabrication and Estimation.dyn (78.9 KB) Dummy Workbook for Pipe Weight_Price_Labor.xlsx (17.5 KB)