Retriving Rooms near Walls

I’m trying to write a parameter from Rooms into Walls that are no Room Bounding but are “near” the room, tried with SteamNodes Packages nodes “Tool.GetSurroundingElements” but returns me Rooms on the level below too. Tried to look it up and modify the python code of the node but no luck. Any suggestion?
In Red my finishing wall that works correctly, in Green the wall that I want to work with.
Immagine 2023-07-21 131307


If I am understanding correctly. This may be reverse of what you originally trying to do, but the end result should be the same. Get a list of all walls. Then select the room and get the bounding box of that. Then use BimorphNodes “BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect” to return all of the walls that intersect with the bounding box. If you get all the rooms and set it up correctly, you can do all the rooms at once.

Room.Boundaries should pull the elements which bound a given room, which will enable pushing parameter values into the walls.


I totally spaced on using that option.

Hi @FSod , @jacob.small & @staylor ,

What about a simple filter after this node to remove all elements which aren’t on the same level as the level of the input room?