Restore original values in revit

after changing parameter using get and set parameter value, it keeps doing it with every execution, how can i restore orignal value before each time i repeat the action of get and set parameter?

Hi @kjeddah and Welcome,

Do you have a picture of your graph so we have a better picture of your situation?

thnx for the interest,
this is the graph, the problem i find is that each time i run the script it will add the number again to room name, so i have few options to think of
1/ restore original / or back in time!
2/check if it already exists, if yes don’t apply if no apply

are these options possible ?

Can you make another picture? I cannot see any of the node names. Please move the nodes closer and take a screenshot.

I would not recommend using the Dynamo Picture tool, but use the screenshot tool

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hope this one is more clear, i used the screen shot,wanted to attach the dyn file but i am not allowed yet, i can send it if u want

Okay I see your problem.

First of all, I don’t understand why you want to Include the Room Number in the Room Name, They are seperate for a reason. If this has something to do with scheduling, there are ways to add the Number to the Room name without actually changing the Room Name.

BUT with that set, you can make a workaround for this

You can use you own Seperator for this.

Basically, the “Original Value” you are speaking off, can be retrieved by splitting the room name on the seperator.

Just make sure that the Seperator is only used to seperate the Room Name and Number. For example


you can get the original value by splitting the name by “_”. this gives you:

[0] Kitchen
[1] 1

Then the first item in the list is always you original value.
First Run (Original Room Names without the Room Number in it)

Second Run (new Room Names with the Room Number in it)

But if you have something like:


Splitting will give you something else

[0] Kitchen
[1] with
[2] Parts
[3] 1

The you would have to reconnect all items but the last one again to get the original value, and this is just alot of work for something which could be done in other ways.

This is just perfect! Thanx,
And for why adding number to name, it is just a test to add other parameter to respect naming convention .
But now i wonder, this workflow depends on the the name with number already, but if i want to have a script that does the naming , and each time i redo the operation it will rest, then there is like a loop or something to be made, i will try to figure this out aince am still new to dynamo , but thanx alots for ur help it was realy helpful !