Research on improving design decisions through data visualisations – looking for participants

Hello everyone,

We are from the Meta-Design Lab, a team of researchers exploring alternatives to existing design processes. Our team is based at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, a research-intensive global university focused on design and developing new fundamental and practical knowledge on the topic.

We are conducting a two-year long research study to understand human visual accuracy when reading data and charts, as part of a larger project about supporting decision making in design through data visualization in visual professions including architecture, structural engineering, urban planning. We are asking if you can help! As members of the broader design field, to play a crucial role in advancing research on the efficacy of data and data visualisation as a tool in the design process.

The responses provided will be extremely valuable to advance research in this field; which will be shared publicly (we will update on this forum) and help us make better tools which will be made available to the community. All of your answers are anonymous and will only be used for the study.


This simple questionnaire will not take more than 10 minutes of your time; a sample question is shown above. You can participate by clicking on this link.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Best regards,

Sam Joyce & Bianchi Dy

Thank you to everyone who’s participated so far! We are still accepting responses. You can help out by answering the questionnaire at this link, which will take around 10 minutes of your time. A sample question is pictured above.

If you have any questions about the research project, please post them in this thread, and we’ll do our best to answer them.