Survey for Grad School - Filtering Data in Dynamo

Hey everyone!

I’m tapping into the awesome community on the forum for some help. As part of my graduate coursework in computer science at Georgia Tech, I am conducting a survey about the process of filtering data in Dynamo. Your input would be greatly appreciated! :muscle:

Level of expertise does not matter. All responses are welcome.

Thank you! :pray:

Click here to take the survey
Expect to spend about 5 minutes. Your responses are completely anonymous.

This survey is not connected to any efforts by the Dynamo development team at Autodesk. The data collected in this survey is for graduate coursework only and is fully independent of any future changes to Dynamo.


Keep kicking butt at Georgia Tech Zachri. :slight_smile: You’re doing great things.


Do you post the result also on the forum?

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I’ll think about it…

Survey closed. Thanks everyone!